Tzatziki Vegan Style

I am using the name Tzatziki because it is  the most recognizable one for most.

Similar dish is actually a very common side dish not only in Greek cuisine but also in many other countries from central Europe stretching out into the Middle East. In Poland where I grew up we called it mizeria and it is a very popular and much loved addition to many different dishes. My favorite combination  from childhood times was mizeria with boiled baby  potatoes with a lot of fresh dill and a fried egg. Simple fresh ingredients and a lot of happiness. I skip the egg this days but the rest still brings me back home in spring time where this type of food would be often enjoyed during lunch time family gathering.

While living in India I have been introduced to yet another version of the same idea called raita. Raita in India is eaten with a purpose of cooling the heat of spicy food. And I swear you do need it. I don’t use dairy so at the end of my Indian adventure  I lived on steamed rice, cucumber and coconut water. The toilet experience was sh.t hot. That is as direct as I can express it. I still love Indian food and I cook it a lot but in a little bit milder version. Dhal and my version of Tzatziki is very often on the menu.

Let’s get to it!


– 1  large cucumber

– 2 cloves of garlic minced

–handful of fresh mint lives chopped

–400g plant based yogurt, coconut yogurt or fermented soya yogurt

–1tbsp apple cider vinegar

–1tbsp maple syrup





Peal cucumber and grate it, you can squeeze out  the excess of water, if you want a really dense consistency of the final dish. Next– Add minced garlic, salt, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and mint, mix it well and let it rest for 10 min, at the end add yogurt, combine it all and season with black pepper and some extra salt, if needed. Job done!

It is delicious!

It is a great side dish in the summer time to cool bodies temperature down when it  gets that bit too hot. Both coconut and cucumber have a cooling qualities, not forgetting about mint here. In small quantity but with powerful cooling properties plus a great digestive!

In the plant based world Tzatziki go well with falafel, lentil burgers, hot curries , green beans and mash potatoes and many more. Give it a try and share your thoughts in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you


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