Papaya and coconut smoothie

Papaya and coconut smoothie


Papaya is defiantly one of my favorite fruits. I love it because it is delicious but also it has multiple health enhancing qualities that win me over every time. Any way I am one of those freaks that would eat anything that appears to be healthy even when the taste is a compromise. Thankfully Papaya is a treat. I recommend having it in the morning on an empty stomach to reap all of the health benefits it has on offer. Papaya is rich in many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants but also in living enzymes that aid the digestive processes but also are really healing to our digestive track and help in creating a healthy environment for symbiotic micro flora. Papaya seeds that we usually throw away are an added value. They contain high levels of proteolytic enzymes which turn out to be a powerful weapon against parasites, overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria’s, viruses and yeast. You can eat them straight, add them into a smoothie or dry them and use them the same way as black pepper. They are quite pungent so be warned :). If you decide to use them, there is no need for more than few at the time.

I have been spoiled with an abundance of Papayas last year in India and this summer in Portugal. It is in season at the moment so I am taking full advantage of Papaya magic every morning. It is a fantastic fruit to use in smoothies so the marriage of papaya and coconut is my gift to you today. It tastes like a guilty desert but in fact it is a powerfully healing tasty concoction. If you decide to add some papaya seeds into it and use it for a time, you will create an effective anti-parasitic treatment for yourself. Coconut meat is rich in caprilic acid which will enhance anti- fungal effect and off course it will make you love this smoothie that bit more. If you are not able to get a fresh coconut or it is a nut hard to crack, you can use coconut milk instead. It will be smoother in texture, and easier to prepare. The choice is yours ūüôā


1 papaya peeled and chopped

0,5 a cup grated fresh coconut meat or 1/4 cup full fat coconut milk

Small piece of fresh ginger

Squeeze of lemon or lime

1tbsp. Maple syrup

1 cup of water


Place all the ingredients in a blender and press the magic button! Blend till smooth and enjoy this Raw, Living, healthful cocktail.

Love life, live healthy!

Looking forward to hearing about your smoothie experience so share in the comments below, what are your thoughts?


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