Oat pancakes contra French crepes

It is about a couple of weeks since arriving in Paris. It is an amazing city to walk around especially when you are not rushing anywhere in particular. I think we average 15km a day on foot, didn’t take a metro even once yet, so doing pretty good. Exercise and pleasure, that is the way I like it. The other day we walked as far as the Eiffel tower which is about 10km one way from where we are staying. You really need a pair of comfortable shoes and a good breakfast! Talking about food, as we got there we sat on the bench looking around and off course you could see the majestic Eifel tower but also people gathering around multiple little kiosks selling the famous guilty French crepes. So I took out couple of apples out of my bag and presented them to my husband. We started to laugh, how sad and ridged we were in our eating habits- no crepes for us. I did enjoy my apple but I promised my husband that I would make him our favourite oat pancakes which we didn’t have for quite a long time because of our Indian adventure. The next morning that’s exactly what I made and it worked a treat. Super, super yummy and good for you. They are easy to make, easy to digest and dairy, gluten free so a great option for people with digestive sensitivities.


1 cup of gluten free oats

1 cup of filtered water or any no dairy milk

1 banana

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

Pinch of cinnamon

1 tsp of chia seeds optional

Small amount of coconut oil

Oat pancakes vitamixOatpancakes pan

Soak the oats and chia seeds in the water over night, it makes the oats easier to digest and pancakes fluffier. In the morning add banana, salt and cinnamon and blend it till smooth. If you feel you need more water to achieve the desired pancake consistency add a little bit in and blend it again. I personally make the batter a little bit tickers then ordinary but it is your call. Grease the pan with coconut oil and heat it well before pouring the batter in. I use the little pancake pan to make them. They are easy to flip and they look great stacked. This time I served it with some lovely rice yogurt that I got in a local organic store just around the corner from us, yuppie! And a blubbery jam sweetened with concentrated apple juice, plus some bee pollen on top. You can eat them with multiple toppings, sweet and savory whatever takes your fancy. Enjoy

oatpancakes final

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