Importance of hydration

The importance of hydration

You need to drink a lot of water! What is the story with this statement? What does a lot of water mean to an individual? How come people drink more water than ever and they are still chronically dehydrated?

Hydration of our body doesn’t depend on the water that we put in, it depends on the water that stays in and permeates into our cells.  Most of the water that we drink today is a chlorinated dead water or heavily mineralized  bottled water. Our body finds it difficult to assimilate therefore drinking large quantities doesn’t assure peek hydration.

Not being able to absorb water indicates mineral and trace element deficiencies on the cellular level.

Chronic dehydration can be the cause of multiple health problems and sufficient hydration can elevate even some life threatening health conditions.

Let’s take inflammation as an example. Inflammation is a mother of all disease. What do we need to cause inflammation? We need a trigger. If the level of the trigger grows in the system and crosses the barrier of our body being able to deal with it, this moment will induce an inflammatory respond as a protective mechanism. If the level of the trigger lessens, your body will be able to complete the process of reparation but, if it prolongs it will keep on causing damage to the tissues effected by the trigger and lead to severe health complaints and pain.

What could be a simple solution to this problem?

Let’s think logic! What do we do, if the soup that we just made is too salty? We add more water! We dilute it! In this way the level of salt decreases and we can enjoy it. Simple solution.

The same thing can be reflected in our body. If we dilute the trigger into the concentration that our body can cope with, we will reduce inflammation and stop the damage.

So how do we do it right?

Have you ever experienced an IV drip in the hospital? The basic IV drip is also called a physiological salt because it is a solution of distilled water with 0,9% of NaCl– salt. This solution corresponds well with our physiological cellular water so it can stay within the cells and do its job.  

How can we get the effect of IV drip, if we can’t afford the #GOOP SUMMIT[icon]brook-icon-grin[/icon]


YOU have just found out simple information that can transform your health forever, if you wish to persevere.

Start your day by drinking 1 litter of water with a pinch of salt first thing in the morning and continue to drink this solution throughout the day . Try to drink at least 12 glasses of water daily. You can flavor your water too for more health benefits. Add lemon juice, infuse it with slices of organic orange, cucumber or herbs like rosemary, thyme, parsley…

Make sure you are using filtered water or  a spring water as a base

It takes time to see the results especially in cases of prolonged dehydration so keep doing  it for at least 1 month to notice the difference.

Besides a ton of health benefits you will also notice the difference in your appearance. Your skin will look fresh and vibrant and some wrinkles will mellow out greatly! It would also help to shift a few pounds too!

I always appeal to the vanity of human nature for the greater good!

If you found this article interesting, please comment bellow. I am happy to chat and answer your questions. Thanks for reading till the end!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

XXX Daria Shiels

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