Daria Shiels

Hi! Are you ready for change?

Everybody has a story! My story for the most of my life was always about healthy living, feeling good, bursting with energy and positive attitude that occurred as a consequence of my body feeling balanced. I promise you I did not need an affirmation or a mantra at that point of my life. I was a powerhouse till the time I wasn’t. My first exposure to severe stress and the pressure from the environment I found myself in where skinny meant beautiful and I was not good enough, left me feeling unbelievably insecure. Hours in the Gym and an eating disorder became the tools to fix it. Through the glimpses of my true nature shining through I managed to leave the toxic relationship I was in and move country. The excitements help to give you a lift but they will not sustain the fundamental change that has to be acknowledged. I was an energy bunny running on empty but I didn’t have a time to notice it. Overworking, living in a cold and damp climate and again exposed to emotionally draining stress in personal life lead me to developing a couple of auto immunological disorders that challenged me on every level. I couldn’t recognize myself. I became bitter, judgmental, angry, tired, in pain and not loving life at all. The only thing I had left was a memory of feeling good and being content.
“When you know how good feels like, it makes not feeling good into a very intense experience “
That was really important! It saved my life. Having a reference point makes it your priority to find your way back. I would like to see myself as an ambitious person or definitely as a passionate one for sure. I always believed that anything is possible so that was how my healing quest had started and it continues till this day. I am back feeling fantastic, happy with my body image and enthusiastic about life. My personal health journey is complemented by the knowledge I acquired during my MSc studies of Food Science and Human Nutrition and multiple alternative health studies like Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, yoga and Chi Gong and over 13 years’ experience of working with clients. I am happy to share my knowledge with anyone that resonates with my approach to health. I do not follow any dogma. I live on primarily plant based diet because it works for me. I believe in the power of real food but my true passion lies in helping the body to recalibrate and tune into the encoded body logic that helps your inner ecosystem to self –organize, reaching the best possible outcome- the ease of being

“It is not only about the food you put into your body, it is about your body’s ability to digest and transform that will determine how healthy you become” DS